Express Hoods Inc. offers the best commercial hood cleaning service to date. As a leader among hood cleaning companies we clean and certify kitchen exhaust systems across the GTA and beyond. Coming highly recommended by our customers as their own commercial hood cleaning company, we service all restaurants big and small. We clean everything from small mom and pop shops to large chains such as pizza pizza and they can all vouch for our professional commercial good cleaning service.

Hood cleaning is a necessity for all restaurants and we at Express Hoods deliver top quality cleanings as well as unbeatable customer service. 

Our number one goal is safety in the workplace. As a commercial hood cleaning company, kitchen exhaust cleaning is not just about having a shiny hood, it is about fire prevention and we take our job seriously. Starting from the roof fan and working our way down the ducts and to the hood we make sure everything is cleaned up to NFPA Code 96.


The Express Hoods commercial hood cleaning service process is simple. We start by covering all cooking equipment in plastic tarp to ensure there is no possibility of contamination. We then wrap the hood with more plastic tarp to collect water runoff. 

The grease collection track is hand cleaned with scrapers and steel wool and then the hood, fan, filters and duct-work are given a high pressure wash with a combination of water and Zep brand degreaser. 

Upon removing all grease to ensure fire safety, the hoods are hand dried and we apply a stainless steel polish to give the hood a brand new look.

A sticker is then placed on the hood so the fire inspector can see when the hood was cleaned, and so that you know when it is due for cleaning again.

We pride ourselves on leaving the kitchen clean and ready to be worked in. At the end of every job we clean all floors and sinks and leave your kitchen cleaner than when we walked in. These are only some of the reasons our customers continue to work with us rather than other hood cleaning companies. We can’t wait to work with you as your commercial hood cleaning company!