About Us

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     We are a small business dedicated to helping restaurants and kitchens keep their kitchen exhaust systems clean and free of grease. Excessive grease build up in kitchen hoods can result in a loss of suction and poor performance of your kitchen exhaust system. If left uncleaned it can also pose a significant risk of causing a fire. Regular maintenance is required to keep the grease build up to a minimum and keep your kitchen functioning smoothly.


     Our goal is to make hood cleaning easy and seamless for our customers. Estimates are always free. During the estimate process we check the kitchen exhaust to see what your system needs. After you approve the estimate, we book in a team of Kitchen Exhaust System Technicians to remove the grease from your Hood, Filters, Fan and Ductwork. While on site, the techs will clean out the entire system. When finished they provide you with a Hood Cleaning Certificate for your fire inspection.


     Regular maintenance is required for your hood system in order to prevent excess grease build up. Commercial kitchens are required to clean their hood systems at certain intervals based on their volume and fuel source.

     - Restaurants Cooking with solid fuel (charcoal or wood) should be getting cleaned monthly.

     - High volume restaurants (24 Hour or really busy) should be getting cleaned every 3 months

     - Standard Restaurants should be getting cleaned once every 6 months

     - Low Volume kitchens (churches, seasonal camps) should be getting cleaned annually.


     During the estimate process we will help you figure out how often your kitchen hood system should be getting cleaned. We help our customers keep on track by calling them when they are due for cleaning and booking them in.