Hood Cleaning

  • Equipment is covered with plastic tarp to prevent contamination.

  • Grease collection tracks are hand cleaned with scrapers and steel wool.

  • Hood is wrapped with tarp for water containment.

  • Roof fan, Fan blades, Duct-work, Hood and Filters are coated in degreaser and pressure washed.

  • Hood is hand dried and stainless steel polish is appplied.

Equipment Cleaning

  • All equipment is turned off and given time to cool down

  • Degreaser and oven cleaner is applied to equipment

  • All grease and cooked on residue is removed from equipment with scrapers and steel wool.

  • All stainless steel surfaces are polished.

  • For fryers, the oil is emptied. The inside and outside are scraped out.

  • The fryer is then filled with water and oven cleaner and boiled until left over grease is removed.

Ceiling Tile and Wall Cleaning

  • All Equipment and any food related items are cover with plastic tarp or moved.

  • Using ladders we climb up to the ceiling and either remove tiles or clean them using a light degreaser.

  • Heavier soiled tiles are removed and cleaned on the ground.

  • All vents, air diffusers and fluorescent light lenses are cleaned and dusted.

  • Once the ceiling is finished the walls are then sprayed with a light degreaser and wiped down leaving them looking brand new.