Over 8 Years Of Experience

       Grease deposits in your Kitchen Exhaust System become a fire hazard over time. Restaurant hood cleaning is about removing all the grease from your system to protect your restaurant from fires, and to protect your exhaust system from the damage that excess grease build-up can create.

     Through our experience in kitchen exhaust cleaning, we have learned how to clean the grease out of exhaust systems efficiently and effectively saving the customer time and money.


     Our goal during every kitchen hood cleaning is to get the job done up to NFPA Code 96 Standards, (which includes removing the grease build-up from your hood, fan, ducts, and filters), and to return your kitchen back to you better than we found it.

     Hiring us as your kitchen exhaust duct cleaning experts allows you to no longer have to stress about fire hazards, because we started Express Hoods to keep amazing restaurants like yours safe. Contact us today and get a free kitchen hood cleaning estimate!

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Company Highlights

Our commercial range hood cleaning team work after hours so there is no interruption to your business

We set a hood cleaning schedule with you and remind you when your next commercial range hood cleaning is due

We provide you with a hood cleaning certificate for your health/fire inspection

Our restaurant hood cleaning staff are polite and friendly and always willing to go the extra mile to help our customers

We provide high quality kitchen exhaust cleaning systems at affordable prices

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority that is why we always go the extra mile when providing our restaurant hood cleaning and kitchen exhaust duct cleaning services

Our commercial range hood cleaning staff are able to serve our customers day or night

Using a mess containment system, we make sure to keep your restaurant in a clean and working condition when completing our kitchen hood cleaning and kitchen exhaust duct cleaning service

All of our kitchen exhaust cleaning is guaranteed, should there be any issues we will gladly fix them at no extra charge to you